Truly Charis Evolves Again . . .

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As Truly Charis blossoms and grows, I have developed new ideas, new systems, new strategies, new styles, and new dyeing techniques along the way. Some of these have worked beautifully, some have taken more refining and some have never made it out of the testing phase. As I reflect on the current state of Truly Charis, I have come to realize that while I love creating the dynamic dyes for you — matching the perfectly dyed areas with the best pattern placement to create a piece I know you’ll treasure — I do not love the personal or business pressure of being behind. I wish to move Truly Charis forward in a direction that allows me to best meet the needs of my husband, children and customers, so I will detail some new and exciting changes over the next few weeks.

Creating handmade clothing with hand-dyed fabrics while teaching, guiding, educating and supporting my six young children is an inspiring, demanding, stimulating, challenging, strenuous, interesting and energizing adventure every single day. This makes planning and scheduling much more fluid than if my workload were not dependent upon how many spills there are to clean, how many diapers there are to change, how many questions there are to answer, how many conflicts there are to help resolve, how many kids are hungry right after they just finished eating, how many children need help with their schoolwork or how many inquiries there are to answer every two and a half minutes. Adding to that are business financial goals that are required to be met day after day, week after week, and month after month to keep this operation afloat. To minimize the stress, Truly Charis is moving forward with a simplistic balance of stockings, inventory pieces and limited customs in hopes of reducing turnaround time by not relying so much on the unpredictability of my children during their younger years. Together, we will ebb and flow to find the rhythm that works best for us all.

In the mean time, Ariel, my husband and our master textile dyer, is busy formulating the fall color line! Once he has chosen the colors we will release for our 2020 Fall / Winter Collection, we will offer the remaining test dyes as mystery colors. The Fall / Winter Collection will release as the Mystery Colors wrap up. As he is looking forward, I am working with a long time TC contractor to wrap up the spring sale while focusing on the recent testers: side snapping covers, gowns, and Explorer pockets! I am so excited to work on these!!! I love what I do, and I am grateful you give me the opportunity to do it!

Truly Charis is so much more than an outlet for my creativity or a way to support my family. Truly Charis represents the grace shown to me every day, even on the hardest days and in my darkest seasons. I hope to be a demonstration of that grace to you. Thank you for being here and journeying alongside me.

Love, Grace, & Peace to You,




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