About Us

      Hi! I am Destani, owner and creative designer of Truly Charis. Truly Charis strives to create beautiful, quality items that are designed with baby’s comfort and care in mind.

      Truly Charis is a small, family-owned business located in the beautifully diverse city of San Antonio, TX! My husband, Ariel, and I have worked to build Truly Charis one woolie at a time while raising our 5 children. We began with Ariel hand dyeing each batch of wool on our stove top and me hand-cutting and assembling each item as an order came in for a customized, truly handmade experience. We have now grown to milling our own wool exclusively for TC. We are also partnering with a small, woman-owned cut and sew. Both of which are right here in the US! We are very excited about these recent changes. 

With everyone’s encouragement and support, Truly Charis will continue to grow into a company that offers innovative designs, a quality product which supports our economy, and excellent customer service you can depend on.

Thank you to my incredible husband, my children who are my motivation, and to my wonderfully supportive customers!


With Love,