About Us

Hi from the Truly Charis Family!


Hi, I am Destani, the lead seamstress and designer of Truly Charis. I am a mom of six children and married to Ariel, Mr. TC, who is our in-house textile dyer. Truly Charis started in late 2013 making cloth diapers, and I switched completely to wool in February 2014. Since the early days, Truly Charis has grown into a company that offers innovative designs, a quality product which supports our economy, and excellent customer service you can depend on. Now, we even have our own wool interlock fabric milled in the USA exclusively for us!  

Truly Charis wool clothing and diaper covers are handmade-to-order by a small, dedicated team of employees and contractors for a unique and customizable experience. You design your item by selecting your style, sizing and color, and we make it your item come to life! 

We look forward to continuing to serve you as we grow together. Thank you for supporting Truly Charis and the handmade community!

 Grace, Love and Peace to You,
Destani De La Rosa