Why Wool?



 Wool fabric is great for babies with sensitive skin since it is naturally antimicrobial. Wool has amazing breath-ability making it the perfect fabric for diapering in both hot and cold climates and in any season. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture while still feeling dry to the touch. Wool diaper covers can go 2-4 weeks between washes. Since they only need to be washed if soiled or if they begin to smell when they are dry, fewer wool covers are needed than fleece or polyester covers. Some wool such as felted interlock, can be machine washed on a gentle or wool cycle before laying flat to dry.

 Wool diaper covers are a great option for moderate to heavy wetters for both daytime and nighttime use. When paired with a quality absorbent fitted diaper, the well-lanolized wool and fitted combination are guaranteed to leave you with dry sheets in the morning! Wool covers come in such a wide variety of styles such as Soakers, Leggings, Cuffed Longies, Shorties and Truly Charis' very own bubbly Bubbles. Many of these styles can be worn as clothing even after your child is done wearing diapers!

 Truly Charis uses extremely soft and durable 95% merino wool/5% spandex interlock fabric that has been knit in the US especially for us! Many customers are able to use their diaper covers for an extended period of time before needing to lanolize. Wool interlock truly is an investment, but it also has an awesome resale value and can be used to diaper multiple babies!

 With wool there is much fewer washing then with other synthetic covers. You air dry between uses and only wash if your wool diaper covers begin to smell or are soiled! Washing and lanolizing are done every 2-4 weeks on average. Wool can seem intimidating, but once you try it you are guaranteed to fall in love!