Rox + Rumble knit woolsters are coming to Truly Charis!

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Announcing a new chapter in your woolie adventures . . .

Rox + Rumble knit woolsters are coming to Truly Charis!

As many of you in the wool community are already aware, Rox + Rumble has been a leading provider of machine knit wool since 2015.  These woolsters are made of 100% extra fine Merino wool and knit in Romania. Rox + Rumble wool clothing offers unique design aspects such as knit and purl texture and euro shorts, as well as adult styles such as scarves and socks.

A personal note from Megan:

I started Rox + Rumble after falling in love with the properties of wool along with how versatile and amazing wool pants looked on my boys. I set out to start my very own business from scratch. I had zero knowledge on knitting, let alone manufacturing. But I did it! These past  5 years I have not only built a company but also relationships with many customers.  The customers have become the backbone of Rox and I have complete trust that it will stay the same moving over to Truly Charis.  I believe that Destani can take what I have started and do great things with it. I am very excited to see the journey continue.  The cotton knitwear line is still in the Rox store and we will be closing it out with a big sale very soon.

This addition of Rox + Rumble woolsters to the Truly Charis wool interlock line up diversifies the wool clothing options that Truly Charis provides to your family. These fun color combinations and new styles bring a new texture to your wool wardrobe. Since these woolies arrive completely assembled, they bring a readily available inventory option.

Join us on our new adventure! 

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