The Moment of the Melted Pencil

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Yesterday, I was using a mechanical pencil to make some pattern adjustments for custom clothing orders. I set the pencil down on the industrial coverstitch machine that was closest to me, and it melted! This was an issue for me because I was working in the tent while the mechanical pencil melted. Now I had 2 floor fans and 1 portable construction fan blowing and circulating the air, but the pencil I set down still melted. This is a moment forever remembered as the moment of the melted pencil.

Melted Mechanical Pencil

Pictured: Melted mechanical picture which caused me to question my life 

The melted pencil threw me into a whirlwind of questioning my life and all of my life’s choices that led up to this moment. Questions zoomed through my head: How did this happen? Is it really that hot? Am I doing the right thing? Did I make the right choices? These questions, plus so many others.

I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking, questioning, cutting jersey orders and talking to Christie. Then, it hit me! I actually do love what I do. I love making clothing for people. I love the way my clothing fits. I love the way it looks. I love the way it feels. I love using the highest quality materials I can find. I love the colors. I love dyeing the fabric in a way that adds a bit of color to the world. Most of all, I love the joy that it brings to those I make the clothing for.

Then, last night I was searching Etsy for naturally dyed wool fabrics as market research, and I could not find any comparable fabrics. I continued to search and search, but there were little to no options. At that moment, I was suddenly enlightened! The midweight and heavyweight fabrics that Ariel and I heavily invest in to have made are the *only* ones exactly like it in the whole world!! Now, there are variations from different makers who also commission to have their own fabrics milled, but that is just as cool for each of them!

This helped me shift my mindset from being down and depleted to being ready to thrive and receive the successes coming our way. Truth is, I bet everything we had on ourselves through TC, CNE and Rox at the beginning of this year. Last Tuesday, I panicked and became filled with doubt when I found out that the Rox order was all arriving this month, along with all of our jersey, lightweight, heavyweight and midweight. All the thoughts about how the tent and off-grid living were not part of my plan entirely overshadowed the fact that now is our time to shine, and we will shine from wherever we are! I do not know the exact path we will take, but I do know that we will take the next step, one step at a time until we accomplish all that we set out to do.

Truly Charis will continue to offer you the highest quality, most naturally produced fabrics and woolies we can. We will continue to dye unique, vibrant colorways, and we will bring naturally dyed fabrics to the market.

The Truly Rox line is truly one-of-a-kind: knit with the highest quality extra fine, 2-ply 100% Merino Wool Italian yarn, assembled by a small manufacturer paying fair wages in Romania, and knit with new specs to bring you the best fit possible. Our first shipment for our 2022 line has arrived in Dallas and will be available soon!

Truly Rox Knit French Cuffs and Knit & Purl Pants

Pictured: Truly Rox Knit French Cuffs and Knit & Purl Pants

I have set Truly Charis up for success. I am all-in. Together, we can overcome all challenges and make this our most successful year yet!

During life’s greatest challenges, I hope your strength is renewed, your hope is restored and your flame is rekindled when you face your own melted pencil moment. 💕

Love, Grace & Peace to You,
Wife, Mother of 6, Friend, WAHM

Rainbow after a sprinkle

Pictured: An encouraging rainbow after an afternoon sprinkle 


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  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, worries, and triumphs. Your creations, from the commissioning of your specific wool, to the dyeing, cutting, and sewing, have TC stamped all over it. The color, quality, and fit are all perfection! Thank you for sharing your words and handiwork with us.

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