Developing Truly Charis Color Collections: Behind the Mystery

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Truly Charis creates rich, bold and unique colors by striving to capture the colorful diversity of nature. From this, we bring you woolies inspired by nature with timeless style. Each year, we launch 2 color collections per year: a Spring / Summer Collection and a Fall / Winter Collection. Take a peek into our creative process. 

Ariel and I begin by gathering color inspirations and creating color formulas in an effort to replicate the depth of these colors in our wool fabric. We combine both our knowledge and experience when developing our color formulas, but we do not always yield our expected results. Throughout this fun and exciting color-producing process, we find ourselves with more colors than we can select for our color line. Our goal for each season's color collection is to offer you exclusive colors that bring together beauty and cohesiveness. The colors not chosen for the color line are offered to you as a mystery color in exchange for a discount. The mystery color sale is a way to obtain dynamic and exclusive limited edition Truly Charis colors. 

The 2019 Fall / Winter Mystery Color Sale will open 7/15/19 and will have 8 (**EDIT Actually 9, but two colors are pretty similar**) mystery colors, 6 (**EDIT 7**) that are not in the pink or purple family and 2 purples. The mystery color offerings are limited to what has been dyed and is offered on a first come, first served basis. 

* You are NOT able to request a specific color. *

To purchase mystery colors,  you must go to the listing on the website and choose your desired style, size and any customizations desired. You can purchase as many items as you’d like without receiving repeating colors in the same size/style.

The 2019 Fall / Winter Mystery Color Sale Discounts are as follows:

- Use code Mystery5 for 5% off of 2 or more mystery color woolies 
- Use code Mystery8 for 8% off of 4 or more mystery color woolies 
- Use code Mystery10 for 10% off of 6 or more mystery color woolies 

Mystery colors cannot  be returned or exchanged for another color. Returns are only allowed in the case of a manufacturing defect. 

Let the Mystery Color fun begin! 

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