Care & Use


 All wool interlock diaper covers have been felted prior to sewing and are not pre-lanolized upon shipping. Due to the high quality of the wool interlock, many customers are able to use their covers right away without lanolizing. If you do notice any dampness on the outside or any faint smell, please wash and lanolize. Wash and lanolize new woolies separately until all excess dye has been removed. Do not soak hand dyed wool for extended periods of time as this can promote dye bleeding or transfer.


MACHINE WASH: Your Truly Charis wool covers may be machine washed cold on a gentle or wool wash cycle with a cold rinse. Please lay flat to dry.


HANDWASH: (When handwashing, wash separately from other colors.) Fill your sink with a few inches of lukewarm water and a drop of your favorite wool wash or mild baby shampoo. Lay the wool in the water and gently swirl it until it is fully saturated. If your wool has any dirty spots gently manipulate the wool to work them out. Drain the dirty water and rinse the wool with fresh lukewarm water. Squeeze water out. Do not twist or wring. Lay the wool in a towel and roll it up pressing firmly to remove as much moisture as possible. Unroll and lay flat to air dry.


FOR STAIN REMOVAL: Apply a small amount of Buncha Farmers Stick, Fels Naptha, or Dawn dish soap and pinch into the stain. Excessive rubbing can cause felting or fading of color. Let sit and then wash as directed above.


LANOLIN BATH METHOD: Begin with clean wool.

STEP 1: Fill a small glass or measuring cup with hot water and add approx. ¼ tsp. emulsifier per cover, such as baby wash, blue Dawn, or an emulsifying cube. Stir well.

STEP 2: Add ½ - 1 tsp. of lanolin (such as pure solid lanolin or Lansinoh) per cover. Stir well until the solution is milky and lanolin is completely dissolved.

STEP 3: Fill sink with lukewarm water. Cool the lanolin solution by adding cooler water or an ice cube. Add the lanolin solution to the water and stir. The water should remain milky with no lanolin spots or clumps.

STEP 4: Lay your wool in the water. Swirl the wool around and turn inside out if it is not already. Allow wool to soak for a minimum of 15 minutes. Overnight soaking is not necessary with a good lanolin solution.

STEP 5: Squeeze water out. Do not twist or wring. Lay the wool in a towel and roll it up pressing firmly to remove as much moisture as possible. Unroll and lay flat to air dry.


DRY-LANOLIZING METHOD: Begin with clean wool. Turn your wool cover inside out and rub a pea size amount of lanolin between your hands to liquefy the lanolin. Gently massage the lanolin into the inside of the cover focusing on the wet zone. This is usually not as effective as the above method. 

Other popular lanolin methods include a lanolin spray, wool wash with lanolin in it; lanolin bars and lanolin cubes.  You can find many great lanolin products on Amazon and Etsy.




Truly Charis’ Organic Cotton Fitted will arrive new and unwashed. The diaper must be prepped before first wear to maximize the fibers absorbent abilities, remove any guide markings, and ensure a proper fit, as they are not pre-shrunk.

To Prep the Organic Cotton Fitted: Wash in HOT water with a small amount of detergent. Remember not to use fabric softener as it effects absorbency. Dry in the dryer on HOT. Repeat a minimum of three (3) times, although five (5) is recommended before first use.

**It is important to keep in mind that maximum absorbency won't be reached until approximately 10 or more wash/dry cycles.**

Once prepped the Organic Cotton Fitted shell should shrink approximately 3 inches in length and 1/2 inch to 1 inch in width when elastics are fully stretched.

This super soft, absorbent fitted diaper is made exclusively from 100% Certified Organic Cotton Velour. It is designed so you can adjust the absorbency ideally for your heavy wetter! The diaper comes with a One-Size (OS) fitted shell, a snake style insert, a small booster and a pee pod which adds absorbency just where you need it without adding bulk. With all four pieces included, the possibilities are endless and absorbency levels are completely customizable!


WOOL LINERS: Wool liners can be washed warm and tumble dry on low heat along with your cloth diapers. Do not lanolize.

*Note: Never twist or wring wool, simply fold and press out as much water as you can.