Truly Mama: The Tales of an Entrepreneur, Gentle Mama, and Wife

Communication, Marriage & Intimacy: Balancing the Needs of the Entire Family

Although intimacy is something we both enjoy, making time and saving energy for physical affection is a challenge in itself. In addition to caring for six young children, running a business is much like having another baby with its own set of demands.

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When My Best Is Not Enough. . .

Years ago I trapped myself in an image of being a perfect wife, a perfect mother, and a perfect Christian with unattainable standards. I compared myself to all of the women around me with their well-organized schedules, well-dressed families and their clean homes. I compared myself to the snippets of beautiful images with witty captions shared on Facebook from women I admired. I read and re-read Proverbs 31 in awe of the descriptions of this woman (not realizing at the time that it was an oracle to King Lemuel from his mother even though it was in the first sentence)....

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