Truly Charis’ Merino Wool Capsule Collection - Round 2

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**Due to the steep discount on these packages, no other discounts can be applied.**

Ordering Deadline: June 19th
Color Selections: End of June
Items targeted to be completed by August 31st

We are offering second round of a mix and match woolie capsule wardrobe with your favorite Truly Charis styles! Save on your perfect clothing capsule! 

Tops will be made in solid jersey and bottoms will be made in solid 97/3. All items will be standard unless add-ons are purchased (details below). This means NO CUSTOMIZATIONS outside of inseam and length!

Jersey colors will be Destani's choice.


EXPLORE - 2 Tees / Tanks and 1 Woolie Bottom
– Baby / Toddler - $185 
Explore – Big Kid - $285

Explore – Adult - $550

CLIMB - 5 Tees / Tanks and 2 Woolie Bottoms
Climb  – Baby / Toddler - $415
Climb – Big Kid - $585
Climb Adult - $1,120

SUMMIT - 8 Tees / Tanks and 3 Woolie Bottoms
Summit  – Baby / Toddler - $585
Summit – Big Kid - $795
Summit – Adult - $1,750 

**Details: Select your base packages now and choose your exact sizes, styles and colors later! You can mix match tanks and tees. Sleeveless / Short Sleeves are standard on all tops. Bottoms will be full length by default, but shorts/capris can be requested.

Available Upgrades/Add-Ons

Upgrade to 3/4 or Long Sleeves - $15 per adult shirt, $5 per Baby/Toddler/Big Kid 

Upgrade to Adult Tunic Length - $10 per shirt   

Upgrade to Baby, Toddler, Big Kid Peplum - $20

Luxweight upgrades will not be available unless material is remaining after the initial capsule selections.

Add on an extra Baby or Toddler Tee/Tank - $50 each
Add on an extra Big Kid Tee/Tank - $75 each
Add on an extra Adult Tee/Tank - $110 each
Add on Jersey Base Layer Leggings (up to 5T) - $50
Add on Jersey Base Layer Leggings (sizes 6-11/12) - $75