Toddler Cuffed Longies
Toddler Cuffed Longies

Toddler Cuffed Longies

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Toddler Cuffed Longies are an adorable variation of our leggings!

Cuffed Longies are a relaxed fit giving a more comfortable and casual look. As with all of our products, Cuffed Longies are made with our superior merino wool fabric so your toddler can play comfortably all day long!

Toddler Cuffed Longies are available in a variety of beautiful hand-dyed vibrant colors.

Toddler Woolies are designed to better fit your toddler's growing body! These woolies are designed to help children be able to pull their woolies up and down all by themselves!

Toddler Measurements:
Toddler Small - 16"
Toddler Medium - 17"
Toddler Large - 18"

Toddler Small - 15.5"
Toddler Medium - 16"
Toddler Large - 16.5"

Toddler Small - 12.5"
Toddler Medium - 14"
Toddler Large - 15.5"