97/3 - Mama Wool Leggings

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Treat yourself to a woolie hug! 

Standard inseam is 6" for shorts, 20" for capris, and 28" for full length. 

Please enter your solid color selection in the color selection box. Dynamic Dyes are an added customization and can be purchased using the Customize My Mama Wool Listing HERE and selecting the Custom Dynamic Dye-Hoodie/Bottoms/Dresses option.

Mama Legging Sizing Chart (based on hip measurements:)

XS: 33-34”

Small: 35-36”

Medium: 37-39”

Large: 40-42”

XL: 43-45”

XXL: 46-48”

Plus 1X : 49-52”

Plus 2X: 53-56”

Plus 3X: 57-60”


Approximate Finished Garment Measurements (waist, hip):

XS: 19”, 25”

Small: 20.5”, 26.5”

Medium: 23.5”, 29”

Large: 26.5”, 32”

XL: 30.5”, 35.5”

XXL: 34.5”, 38.5”

Plus 1X : 38.5”, 42.5”

Plus 2X: 42.5”, 46.5”

Plus 3X: 46.5”, 50.5”

Inseam for the mama leggings is 28"-29". Purchase additional inseam using the Customize My Mama Wool Listing.  

Dynamic dyes, longer inseams on full length mama wool, rouching, cuffs, etc can be added via the Customize My Mama Wool product by clicking HERE



Machine Wash Cold, Cold Rinse 
Tumble Dry on Low to Medium for 15 minutes, Then Hang Dry 
No Bleach, Do Not Iron 
Lanolize as Needed 


(Adult wool will need to be washed more frequently than children’s wool to refresh its natural rebound ability; most commonly around 2-3 days of consecutive wear. When your mama wool is noticeably looser in the waist or you notice sag in the rise, this is an indication that the natural rebound limit of the wool has been reached and needs to be refreshed. Continued wear past this point will contribute to wear in area of highest stress in the crotch and/or thigh seams)