Join the Truly Charis Collective!

The Truly Charis Collective is an expanded and more diverse Truly Charis community with added groups and topics. The entire community is run, paid for and supported by Truly Charis. Within the community, there are private groups you can join based on your interests.

Our vision for the Truly Charis Collective is to build a place that will serve as a treasure trove of resources and connection for women and moms as we journey through the difficult and ever-changing season of raising our children.

Available Groups in the TC Collective:

Town Square Collection: Chat groups for helpful sources of information

πŸ”₯ Fireside Chat: A public chat to interact on any topic, visible to all

🌱 Sustainable Living & Homesteading: Become self-sufficient in life with nature, the work of your hands and eco-friendly living

🐣 Cloth Diapering: A natural alternative to disposable diapers, here you will find a helpful hand in your quest

πŸ’— Peaceful Parenting: A non-corporal path to child rearing with wisdom, patience and understanding as the chief elements of parenting

πŸ‹ Holistic Health: An approach to healthy living of the mind and body, including conventional and alternative medicine incorporating nature, probiotics, herbal remedies, etc.

πŸ“š Homeschool Quest: Seek, inquire, & discover practices, books and philosophies of excellence from those before you

🏑 Adulting: Learn what should have learned before you became an adult β€” Taxes, healthy anger outlets, financial literacy & skills and other responsibilities .

🌌 In Christ Alone: Hope, faith, and family: A place for inquiry, encouragement, wisdom, and biblical education.

πŸŽ‰ Freely Given: Find stuff free for shipping

Shop Small Collection: Shop and discover the value of handmade, WAHMS & Small Businesses, along with your favorite BST spaces

πŸ‘ Truly Charis: Merino Wool Clothing & More: Discover the beauty of merino wool clothing put together by one of the finest seamstresses’ in Texas & dyed by the most talented textile dyer in the industry!

πŸ› Ultimate BST: Wool, Cloth diapers, and Slow clothing: Buy it, if you want it; sell it, if you hate it; trade it, if it’s worth it!

🎨 Handmade Design BST: A place to offer your unique craftsmanship and creativity to buy, sell, or trade.

β€¨πŸŽ Holiday Gift Guide: Discover gift ideas, find great products from small businesses or promote your favorite small businesses as we approach the upcoming holiday season.

So please join us, create an account at the website below and request to join the groups you are interested in. There is a code for 10% off your next Truly Charis order in the Truly Charis space.

We hope you enjoy! πŸ’•

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