Reusable Cloth Diaper Covers & Nighttime Fitteds!


At Truly Charis, we believe cloth diapering should be an enjoyable experience without worries of leaking. We offer peace of mind with the simplicity and reliability of our wool diaper covers and all cotton diapering solutions. Welcome to the TC Family! 


As the Great Wool Shortage of 2017 is coming to an end, I want to THANK YOU for all your support along the way!

Website Orders: Once the wool arrives, Natural orders will open on the website followed by Summer colors as we develop them. These will be open for everyone.

TC typically launches a Spring and Fall Color Collection with 5-6 dyed colors each. Once the colors are chosen and loaded on the website, you are free to order any style or size from any color in the collection. Since Spring has passed, we are opening a Summer Collection instead. (Charcoal will be available on the website once all Kickstarter Charcoal orders are finished.)

Kickstarter Orders: I will be opening a Google Form for Natural Orders Only. You will have the option of having your Natural wool sent as soon as it is completed.
I will open up a Google form for the Summer Collection, the Fall Collection and the special Kickstarter Only Color once those are developed. The Charcoal form will be opened once I have Charcoal in hand. All forms will be opened in our Facebook group: . 

Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us tab or email any questions to Thank you for your continued support!


  • Wool cloth diaper covers are versatile and can be used with flats, prefolds or fitteds to offer low cost, natural cloth diapering options. 
  • Wool fibers consist of 90% keratin which contributes to wool’s anti-bacterial properties, making wool a great choice for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Wool has amazing breath-ability making it the perfect fabric for diapering in both hot and cold climates and in any season.
  • Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture while still feeling dry to the touch.
  • Wool diaper covers are anti-bacterial and can be air dried between uses for 2-4 weeks before washing (unless soiled). As a result, fewer wool covers are needed than fleece or polyester covers.
  • Wool diaper covers are a great option for moderate to heavy wetters in both daytime and nighttime use. When paired with a quality absorbent fitted diaper, the well-lanolized wool and fitted combination are guaranteed to leave you with dry sheets in the morning!


Use discount code NewToTC5 on your first order with us to take 5% off your entire order! Enter the code on the last page of the checkout process as a thank you for joining our family!