Wool Interlock Cloth Diaper Liners

Wool Interlock Cloth Diaper Liners

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These felted wool interlock liners can be used as a natural stay dry liner against baby's bum when used without lanolin. These are approx 14" x 5".

Wool liners can be used 2 ways:

1) with lano as an extra water repellant wool layer under all the inserts of the diaper or between the diaper and wool cover.

2) without lano against babies bum as a stay dry liner

Lanolin neutralizes urine and produces a soap when the lanolin and urea react which is why wool covers are lanolized and do not need to be washed frequently.

When the liners went into the washing machine, any remaining lanolin was most likely removed so your liner should be absorbing quickly now. If you are not lanolizing, the liners will need to be rinsed well when they are removed. Rinse them well, roll in a towel and let them air dry. Wool naturally smells when wet, but the covers should not smell when dry.

Thread color may vary.