Mama Wool Sign-up

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Since Truly Charis Mama Wool is customized to your body, each person requires their own pattern. The front end of this process takes a significant amount of time, so in order to better organize the process and keep turnaround time reasonable for all, all new patterns will be organized using this sign-up. 

Once you have approved your initial pattern, you can go straight to Step 4 since the front end portion will already be accomplished!

Step 1: Sign up here by 'purchasing' this zero dollar product. You will finalize your color choice at purchase time.

Step 2: Enter your measurements at See our how-to measure video in our Facebook group if you have any questions on how/where to measure!!

Step 3: As we continually work through the list of those signed up, we will contact you when it is your turn to complete the purchase of your mama wool.

Step 4: Purchase your Mama Wool HERE! You can see details (pricing, customizations, length options) at this location also.

Step 5: Wear your Mama Wool for at least a week and provide fit feedback directly to Destani via PM.  Your purchase includes alterations to get the fit exactly right. Once your pattern is approved by you, you can purchase additional pairs at any time! 

**NOTE: alterations for weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, etc are NOT included in the purchase of your mama wool, but alterations of this type can be done for an additional fee**