Emulsifying Lanolin Soap - Sheep Bar - Truly Scented

Emulsifying Lanolin Soap - Sheep Bar - Truly Scented

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*This item is  to be used with your unscented lanolin.*

Wool cloth diapering items are very low maintenance, but eventually everyone has to wash and re-lanolize. (Lanolin is what gives wool its waterproofing, antibacterial and urine neutralizing properties.)

When it's time to lanolize, simply wash your woolies with some non-lanolin wash (baby wash works great) to remove all dirt and urine salts and then rinse well. Fill a small glass or measuring cup with hot water and add a chunk of one of these emulsifying bars. Stir well. Add ½-1 tsp of lanolin (such as pure solid lanolin or Lansinoh) per cover. Stir well until solution is milky and lanolin is completely dissolved. Add it to a sink of clean warm water along with your wool and let sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. Remove your wool and let it dry!

Wash and lanolize new covers separately to prevent dye transfer.