Heavyweight - Bubbles

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Truly Charis Bubbles are made of a lovely wool interlock wool fabric that is soft, stretchy and durable for baby's maximum comfort as they explore the world springing into life around them! Wool protects baby's skin and keeps their skin cool during all of their adventures! It is truly a unique and amazing choice for covering cloth diapers and the best for breath-ability and wetness protection. 


                           Rise      Waist            Hip            Inseam          Age Range          

Extra-Small       16”         12-17"       15-21”          1.75"               3-9 months         

Small                  17”         14-19"       17-24"           2"                    8-22 months          

Medium             18”         15-21"        20-28"          2.25"            20-34 months          

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